A Corner of Hove

Having lunch with an old friend in George Street is always a pleasure.  My bus turns off Church Road next to Hove Town Hall so I usually get off there and walk the short distance that’s left.

The Juggler, by Helen Collis, Hove Town Hall

The Juggler, by Helen Collis

Standing 9 feet tall, the sculpture of a juggler on a unicycle in front of the Town Hall was sadly the last work of the local artist, Helen Collis, who died of cancer in August 1995.

Hove Town Hall Hove Town Hall


George Street is a very busy shopping area, particularly full of cafés and charity shops -making it a very popular place for meeting up with friends!  With a nearby supermarket-owned car park, free for a 2-hour stop, and the street itself pedestrian-only, it’s rarely as empty as this around midday.

George Street, Hove, looking south

Looking South …

George Street, Hove, looking north

… and looking North







My bus stop back to Brighton, on Church Road again, is outside the rather lovely building of St Andrew – known as the Old Church to separate it from another of the same name now in Hove.  And for those who can read the time on the church clock and who remember the poem by Rupert Brooke:

“Stands the Church clock at ten to three?
And is there honey still for tea?”

St Andrew (Old Church) Hove

St Andrew (Old Church)



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